Feeding Your Family: Meal Planning for the Exhausted Parent

How many times a week do you just wave the white flag and order take-out dinner for the family? Or maybe dig into the underbelly of your freezer and pull out a frozen, highly processed meal for your kids?  There is that momentary relief of knowing its one less thing to think about, but you know that feeling that comes shortly after…. Guilt.  Uggggh, Parent guilt. It’s the worst.

What Anthony Bourdain Knew that so Many of us Have Forgotten

Now, it would be a fair question to ask how a dietitian could sing the praises of a man who drank excessively, smoked like a chimney, ate glutinously, and all around did not live, nor care to live, a healthy life. It’s because Anthony understood something that too many people have forgotten: that food is not solely a means for survival or a sum of its parts. (Click on title above to read full post)